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Attendance Management Software

So Easy To Use!

Simple Attendance Management for Workers

  • Log in and out using Mobile or Text
  • No app Required
  • Overdue Function
  • Works across Companies!
  • Workers can view Site Hazards
  • Report Incidents
  • Simple to use service
  • Monthly opt in/out – no contracts



Free Trial

Test out the service for free!

  • We give you $20.00 credit on your account so you can see if Seemysite works for you


  • $10.00 per month per web user (has access to website and can view site activity and time records)
  • $4.00 per month per worker (workers use the application to log in and out of sites)
  • $0.10 for each outgoing text message (used to raise alerts to workers and users)


(adjust sliders to obtain cost estimate)
Number of web users
Number of workers
$ 0.00 AUD per month


What do I need to run the SeeMySite service?

Just access to a browser or mobile phone. As a User you’ll be able to add new sites and workers and view and export their attendance and any event information. ANYBODY with a mobile phone who has been invited can use our mobile gateway or text the Site ID and register their attendance – so no additional software or App required.

What about Visitors and Workers from other Organisations?

That’s where SeeMySite comes into its own. As a Person Controlling a Business or Undertaking your organisation shares a duty of care in regard to any workers on your site. SeeMySite will display EVERYBODY who logs in and out of the service, and display their contact information should you need to connect with them. So Managers can use their mobile phone to access information, and call the displayed mobile phone number, should they require.

Does it Cost Visitors and Workers to use SeeMySite?

NO if the Visitor/Worker uses the mobile gateway and provided the person who is texting the service has a texting plan – there should be no cost. Most mobile phone plans nowadays have a free number of texts included in the plan – many unlimited. In the event that you have a worker who doesn’t have a plan or credit on their mobile you may want to consider providing them with a basic plan, so they can use the service, or simply invite them to use the mobile gateway.

What if there is no coverage or I have a staff member without a Mobile?

We offer the ability for a User to be able to make a manual time entry and specify a work duration as part of the service. So you’ll be able to record the work event and a reminder to check that the Worker has indeed finished work and is off site.


SeeMySite is a service that assists organisations meet their Primary Duty of Care.

Every organisation, their workers, officers and visitors to these locations are stakeholders in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all concerned whilst on site.

How it Works

Just invite your Workers to join from your web access and all related sites will be available for them on their mobile gateway for them to record attendance etc.

Using the service is simple – anybody with a mobile phone can text the unique site code on display to SeeMySite when they arrive, and leave.

Also SeeMySite records how long they are on site and in the event they fail to log out, we’ll prompt them, and alert you.

What's Recorded

  • Site Attendance
  • Worker Attendance
    • Including Visitors
  • Hazard Recording & Reporting
  • Event Notification
    • Failure to leave site
    • Reporting new hazards
    • Reporting new incidents
    • Escalation protocols
  • Reporting – Compliance Information